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10 Ways To Make Extra Money
Rather than the usual list of 10 ways to make extra money which usually consists of methods that require you to have a wealth of experience to implement I thought I’d create a list of ways to make extra money online that are completely actionable, meaning that anyone should be able to use the methods outlined below to generate quick additional income on top of their first income. These strategies require little to no investment and you can get started using them as soon as you finishing reading!

Affiliate Marketing Using Bring The Fresh
This is the method everyone should use because there are no real draw backs apart from the minimal cost of the package. Affiliate marketing using Bring The Fresh methods will generate quick income but will also teach you exactly how you can use their strategies in the long term to make even more money.
In my opinion this strategy suits everyone as it provides short term money and for those who are prepared to stick in for the long haul there is the potential to actually quit your day job and go full time – something that must surely interest everyone?!
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Writing For Others
I don’t recommend this to those of you that don’t write very well but if you feel confident in your ability to put pen to paper (or words to Microsoft word) then writing for others can be a great way to generate income. Websites like the Warrior Forum and Freelancer have plenty of people looking for website content writers and providing you don’t mind writing about a wide variety of subjects you can make some very good money this way.

Get A Second Job
On paper, by far the simplest way to add money to your bottom line but with the economy in such a mess even part time jobs are hard to come by. If you can find a job that allows you to do a few hours a week then it isn't a bad idea as sometimes the security of a guaranteed income is better than taking risks.

Craigslist has served as a portal for anything and everything over the last few years and jobs are no exception. If you look in the classified ads section, more specifically the jobs available bit you’ll notice that there are plenty of locals looking for the odd bits of work done here and there. This is not going to be a long term solution but if short term money is what you need then this little tip can come in handy.

Most people who are in need of money contemplate eBay before anything else. We all have lots of items laying around the house that could probably find a better home. eBay is a means to find buyers for such items. You’ll have to put up with the fees but running a few auctions will not only provide you with some much needed money but a bit of additional space where your clutter used to be!

Overtime is an obvious solution to making extra money but I still thought it was worth a mention as many people do not even ask for overtime, they just assume there is not any available. Ask your employer if there is a chance of additional hours, most of time you will be pleasantly surprised. I can tell you first hand that running a company is no picnic and there are ALWAYS jobs that need doing!

Payday Loans/Short Term Loans
Not something I really recommend but if you are really desperate then you do have the option of applying for a loan or acquiring a short term loan from somewhere else. If you go down the professional avenues then interest is going to be very high so really this should only be as a last resort or indeed if you know for a fact you can pay it off quick enough to not do any damage.

Take Advantage Of Other Online Services Like Fiverr
Fiverr is an online portal that connects people who need cheap jobs doing with people who can do those jobs for…$5. It is actually a very well kept secret in the online world and therefore many people sellers don’t know it exists but BUYERS do. If you have knowledge in the internet world then you’ll get work there, make sure your offer is attractive and you get feedback from your customers because ultimately that is what keeps the work consistent.

Cut Your Expenses
Not a way to make money but will still put more money in your pocket. Most of us waste a lot of money on things we don’t need and when the budget is a bit tight the easiest thing of all to do is to cut back on a few luxuries. Walk everywhere, don’t eat out, turn off the lights when you’re not using them – literally anything that will save you money. Not the definitive answer to your problems but it will help you over the next few weeks whilst you work on something better.

Make Sure Your Not In This Position Ever AGAIN
Easier said than done I know but the truth is it costs A LOT of money to be poor (I know first hand). If you don’t have the money to pay your bills, you pay late fees. If you can’t pay off your credit card, you pay interest. If you can’t make enough to live, you rack up debt and debt costs money!
Experiences like this should motivate you enough to get yourself out of it and start living a better quality of life. Not having money is bearable for a certain amount of time but then it wears you down, don’t let this happen to you…
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